We pride ourselves on reconditioning about 1,000,000 steel drums per a year.
We also provide quick and high quality services which include collecting, reconditioning and other responsive customer services.
We have been a leader in the industry, supplying reconditioned steel drums to oil, paint, waste, chemical, environmental 
and other industries throughout Japan.
Count on our wealth of information, and willingness to meet challenges.

Today, “Reusing” and “Recycling” are under the spotlight to solve environmental problems. However, the history of reusing of drums began in 1930’s.

Nakano Industries has become involved in the industry since its foundation in 1937.
We collect used drums from various industries, recondition them and provide them to customers.

We will continue to contribute to society through reusing and recycling of drums which have been used regularly for the environmental purpose.

Company name Nakano Industries Co., Ltd.
Date Founded March 1,1937
Capital ¥14,000,000
Corporate Headquarters 2-1-13 Tamafune-cho,
Nakagawa-ku,Nagoya, Japan
Phone: +81-52-661-9831
Representative Masato Nakano (President)
Products & Services Steel drums(new & reconditioned)
Reconditioning of industrial containers
NKB Net Service Ltd.
Delivery and Collection of Steel Drums
Towa Technologies Ltd.
Design, Manufacturing and Sales of Industrial Machinery
Dyna Container Co., Ltd.
Sales of Containers
Tomita Container Ltd.
Sales of Containers
Shikoku Drum Industries Co., Ltd.
Reconditioning of Steel Drums
Nakano Industries Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturing of Steel Drums


Nakano Industries is founded by Masanori Nakano.
He started his own business repairing steel drums in Rising Sun Oil Layers.
Masanori opens location in Nagoya and begins his drum business.
Nakano Industries incorporates and Masanori Nakano is first president.
Nakano Industries builds a factory in Nakagawa-Ku where the current head office is located.
Since then, we have actively developed businesses beyond the petroleum industry, and also started buying and selling of drums in earnest.
Nakano Industries moves to a larger facility at the Nagoya Port area.
As a vanguard of the industry, Nakano Industries introduces shot-blasting.
Masanori and his subordinates visits the industry in the United States.
They recognized the prospects of open head drums and the necessity of advanced technology.
Nakano Industries builts a new plant dedicated to reconditioning of open head drums in Miyoshi preparing for a sharp increase in demand in the paint industry.
Towa Technologies incorporates.
Eiji Nakano becomes next president of business.
Nagoya Plant introduces state-of-the-art equipment for reconditioning of tight head drums and then adds equipment for remanufacturing.
Miyoshi Plant introduces equipment for remanufacturing of open head drums.
Masato Nakano becomes the next president of business.
Nakano Industries establishes sales offices in Osaka and Tokyo.
NKB Net Service incorporates.
Dyna Container incorporates.
Nakano Industries establishes a sales office in Kitakyushu and a stock point in Kagawa.
Nakano Industries builts its third plant in Kurashiki and starts its operation.
Nakano Industries with three facilities domestically grew to become a leading provider of reconditioned steel drums in Japan.
Nihon Container becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Nakano Industries through mergers and acquisitions.
Nakano Farm opened at Toyoake, Aichi.
Eco Nakano Vietnam is established in a suburb of Hanoi in Vietnam through a joint investment between Nakano Industries and Eco Vietnam and starts producing and selling new drums domestically.
Nakano Industries Vietnam is established in Hưng Yên, Vietnam.
Nihon Container is merged into Nakano Industries



  • 2-1-13 Tamafune-cho, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya 454-0853
    Phone +81.52.661.9831

Nagoya Plant

  • 10-1 Shiomi-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya
    Phone +81.52.611.3255

Miyoshi Plant

  • 7-1 Maeda, Nishiishiki-cho, Miyoshi City, Aichi
    Phone +81.561.32.3638

Okayama Plant

  • 8255-46 Shinminato, Tamashimaotoshima, Kurashiki City,Okayama 713-8103
    Phone +81.86.525.5100

Yokohama Plant

  • 28-1 Kansei-cho,Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama 230-0034
    Phone +81.45.521.0941

Tokyo Sales Office

  • 505 Dai3 SS Bld. 4-10-8 Hacchobori Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032
    Phone +81.3.5542.3071

Osaka Sales Office

  • 801 NANEI-Honmachi Bld. 1-5-18 Utsubohonmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0004
    Phone +81.45.521.0941

Kyushu Sales Office

  • 3-67-4 Shinmoji, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu City
    Phone +81.93.481.7350

Commitment to Environmental Issues

We got ISO14001 certification in 2001. Since our establishment, we have been doing recycling business of drums for 70 years.
Once drums were valuable items, the reuse rate was higher than at present. Current handling volume of drums increased with the development of the Japanese economy, but the reuse rate is decreasing and the environmental burden is increasing.

Basic Policy

Nakano Industries contributes to the reduction of global environmental load through drum reconditioning business.
Recognizing that conservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues common to mankind, we aim to further promote this business activity and contribute to improvement of local environment, conservation of resources and prevention of environmental pollution.

Environmental Policies

  1. We are always conscious of environmental aspects regarding all business activities of our plants, strives to prevent pollution and continuously strives to improve by operating EMS which is setting concrete environmental targets to the extent technically and economically possible.
  2. We strive to save energy and reduce waste and environmental footprint.
  3. We comply with environmental laws, ordinances, agreements and other requirements which are agreed by our plants.
  4. We conduct environmental educations and trainings for all employees while clarifying the coping method especially in emergency situations.
  5. Recognizing that our business activities themselves are the reduction of global environmental burden, we propose to reduce burden on the environment to customers.
  6. These environmental policies are announced if required.

Based on “Responsible Management of Containers", we consistently make every attempt to re-use and recycle drums.

Re-using drums extends the lifetime of the container allowing it to be put back in the market repeatedly. This also helps lower the amount of greenhouse gases put into our atmosphere. Once a drum meets the end of its life as a reusable container, we are able to process the drum into a reusable form through scrapyards. This allows the iron material to be put back into the market.

Nakano Industries


Using materials

Using materials

Using materials

Using materials

Filling materials



Steel Companies

Steel Companies



Improvement in Reconditioning Quality

We got ISO9001 certification in 2005.
Our business involves collecting, cleaning and testing drums for reuse and recycling. Since the beginning, we have focused on providing our customers with quality products and service. With over 70 years of our history, our team has the expertise to handle our customer's drum needs.

Basic Policy

Nakano Industries contributes to the reduction of global environmental load through drum reconditioning business.
We aim to further promote this business activity based on stable supply of high quality products and provision of high quality services.

Quality Management Policies

  1. In order to improve reliability of customers, which is our greatest asset, we stably provide products that meet the requirements of customers.
  2. We try our best to utilize of human and material resources efficiently, so that we can be competitive in the market.
  3. We focus on human resource development and encourage the challenging spirit of employees.
  4. We improve our business continuously to achieve all of the above.

Products & Services

  • Reconditioned

  • New

  • Other
    Industrial Containers

"Drum" began to be distributed in the world as an industrial container over 100 years ago.
In the world, there is not only the drum manufacturing industry but also the drum reconditioning industry.

In the 1970s, when environmental issues was directed at the central focal point, various measures for antipollution and establishment of a Recycling-based Society were investigated. Nowadays, the importance and mission of the recycling industry in the world has become very large.

Under these circumstances, we have been a leader in environmentally sound reconditioning drums for over half a century.
We will continue to develop our business meeting the customer’s satisfaction and environmental impact reduction in the industry.

200L Tight Head Steel Drums (JIS Z1601)

Condition: Reconditioned & New

Tight Head Steel Drum is suitable for storing and transport of oils, solvents, paints, resins, foodstuffs and chemicals.

200L Open Head Steel Drums (JIS Z1601)

Condition: Reconditioned, Remanufactured, & New

Open Head Steel Drum is suitable for storing and transport of high-viscosity paints, resins, foodstuffs and chemicals.
Different ring/bolt and lever locking mechanisms are available.

Composite Drums

Condition: Remanufactured
Composite Drum is a remanufactured drum with a polyethylene liner inside, which is suitable for storing and transport of highly corrosive or strongly acidic substances.

Stainless Steel Drums

Condition: Reconditioned and New

Drum Closures and Related Accessories

Typically in stock are caps, closures, drum covers, various liners, drum nuts & bolts and capseals.



we recondition containers to help conserve resources. Our reconditioning process restores containers to proper specifications. Almost all containers are cleaned and returned to the owner ready for use again in like new condition.
If any of the customer's drums are un-reconditionable, we will buy them for other uses.


Given our commitment to the environment, we practice environmentally sound recycling and disposal practices. Steel drums are disposed of in a manner consistent with regulatory guidelines so that the materials can be reused for other manufacturing needs.


We will pick up your drums for reconditioning and recycling as well as deliver drums to and from your customers.

Nakano Industries has "manufacturing capability" to respond promptly and accurately to diverse customer needs, and constantly strives to maintain and improve "quality" based on customer's request.
Maintenance of the production line is indispensable every day in order to realize manufacturing that is stable and consistent with customer requirements.
Our engineering ability “Manufacturing Technology Division" supports the foundation of manufacturing that leads to customer’s satisfaction by carrying out design, development and maintenance of equipment.
Nakano Industries has the largest network of transportation in the industry in Japan. NKB Net Service delivers and collects more than 3 million drums a year to respond quickly and accurately to customer’s requirements as a specialist group.
We rent a section of a greenhouse in Toyoake City, a suburb of Nagoya. Some handicapped employees work there in Nakano Farm growing various kinds of vegetables.

We aim to be a company that every single employee belonging to feels that they can contribute to society. Moreover, we are also concentrating on employment of people with disabilities through the farm project "Nakano Farm".

The harvested vegetables are distributed to employees.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about Drums and our services.

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